Chapter 4 Arrives - Brings with it a New Map

The latest Chapter in Fornite's Story has landed! Chapter 4 brings in a new realm, dirt bikes and Geralt(?!).

Epic Game's articles has all the details of exactly what you can get up to with Season 1. Some of the highlights are:

[h3]Trail Thrasher[/h3]
This 2 wheeled dirt bikes lets you get around in a new way and use your weapons while riding.

[h3]Reality Augments[/h3]
At intervals in your match, you’ll be given a randomized choice of two Reality Augments. The longer you remain in the match, the more Reality Augments you’ll collect. Reality Augments last until the match's end.
[h3]New Weapons[/h3]
As you'd expect with an entirely new realm to explore with it comes a host of new weapons to use.

[h3]Loot Drones[/h3]
Shoot them out of the sky to get much needed supplies!

[h3]Unreal Engine 5.1[/h3]
With the recent release of Unreal Engine 5.1, Fornite has been updated to make use of the new features that came with it!