Drop back in to Chapter 1

Epic has turned back time with Chapter 4 and introduced Fortnite OG. Starting with Chapter 1 Season 5 each major update this time around will bring back different phases of the past.

This will see the return of fan favourites such as the Shopping Cart, Assault Rife, Pump Shotgun and more to both the normal Battle Royale and Zero Build!

It will also see the return of map locations such as Tilted Towers which stuck all the way up to Season 9 along with events that took place all those years ago as we will see Darkness Rising again in the Loot Lake.

A new OG Pass have been introduced with over 50 new in-game items. All the cosmetic rewards within the pass can be unlocked in just 4 weeks and only costs 950 V-Bucks! If progress the pass far enough you'll earn 1000 V-Bucks. If you're a crew subscriber you'll get the pass as part of your subscription too!