Tim Sweeney thinks ‘every politician should fear’ Apple’s power

Tim Sweeney, Epic Games CEO sat down with The Verge recently to discuss Epic's ongoing battle with Apple and the fact he'll take it all the way to the US Supreme Court. He hopes that before that happens Congress will stand up and act before it happens.

The battle with Apple started in August 2020 and appeals and in a recent tweet Tim again pointed the finger at Apple.

Apple is a menace to freedom worldwide. They maintain an illegal monopoly on app distribution, they use it to control American discourse, and they're endangering protesters in China by storing sensitive customer data in a state-owned data center.
In the interview with The Verge one of the important arguments Apple makes is the apparent security of the app store provides.

What I don’t understand about the ‘App Store being better for security’ argument specifically is that the Mac is open.
Exactly. We know, everybody knows, and every programmer at Apple knows that it’s the operating system kernel that provides the security. It prevents apps from accessing data and services they aren’t allowed to access. And that’s why macOS and iOS are incredibly secure operating systems.
The app store layer on top of it doesn’t provide security. And we know from the Epic v. Apple trial that Apple reviewers spend an average of six minutes of human time looking at each app and that these are app enthusiasts who are not engineers or security analyst analysts. And so, it’s incredibly clear that app review and the monopoly App Store do nothing to improve platform security.
The entire interview can be read over on The Verge